AIDOMUS Last Mile solution shortlisted in Abu Dhabi for the UAE Cybersecurity Research Award on Smart Cities

The proposal ARROWSMITH was announced today as one of the 5 shortlisted proposals for the award of $1,500,000. AIDOMUS contributes to the proposal the use cases on smart cities, such as solving the Last Mile problem in the e-commerce and grocery retail. The award aims to foster disruptive and cybersecure solutions for the future smart cities in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

The ARROWSMITH focuses on novel cybersecurity approaches for people-oriented cities and services enabled through sensor data and machine learning. The ARROWSMITH proposal has been authored in collaboration with colleagues, professors Billy Brumley, Antonios Michalas, and Joni Kämäräinen from the Tampere University.

The UAE Cybersecurity Research Award Initiative is organised by Darkmatter. The winner of the award will be announced in May 2020. For more information

AIDOMUS in Creative Business Cup Finland 2019

Image: Creative Business Cup Finland,

Creative Business Cup Finland 2019 is a business concept competition for creative industries. AIDOMUS was selected today as one of the three finalists pitching their ideas. The event will be held in Helsinkinki at the Entertainment Business Arena event on the 24th of April. The winner will represent Finland the global finals in Copenhagen. AIDOMUS is grateful for the acknowledgement and looking forward to pitching and meeting all likeminded people in the field of innovation and creativity!

The full story about Creative Business Cup Finland may be found here (in Finnish).

AIDOMUS pilot launched with VTS-kodit

AIDOMUS launches a pilot in collaboration with VTS-kodit at Ruokomäenkatu, Tampere, Finland. The site is a residential refurbishment project with several buildings, and one of the buildings will be equipped with the AIDOMUS technology having another building as a reference building. The pilot project focuses on using real-time occupancy data for on-demand based heating control.

Members of the design team getting ready for the site visit, Jyrki Läärä VTS Kiinteistöpalvelu Oy (left), Sami Ahoranta VTS Kiinteistöpalvelu Oy, Niko Salonoja Insinööritoimisto Salonoja Ky, and Vesa Yli-Marttila Teletaito Oy.

The pilot project demonstrates a way to combine comfortable and healthy indoor climate with energy-savings with a consequent impact on the mitigation of the climate change. The approach offers a practical way to make a difference in fighting the climate change with one’s way of living based on actual heating demand. Energy savings are a direct benefit of the technology, but also ways of using the occupancy data for other living services will be investigated.

Installations of the system are scheduled to take place late this spring and the pilot phase ends in May 2020.

IoT Forge helps innovations to happen

The most effective innovation policy is grass-root action. This is what the Finnish foundation IoT Forge takes into the practice with a hands-on approach. If your organisation strives for any IoT related innovation, IoT Forge is there to help you. The in-depth knowledge available in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and software is there for your company or start-up. Furthermore, there is a wide range of instruments rarely available for SMEs.

AIDOMUS is truly thankful for all the help of IoT Forge. Last but not least, it is a great pleasure to work with the wonderful people of IoT Forge: Matti Hellgren, Tommi Oksa, Juhani Kurkilahti, Vesa Tuomi, Jorma Liukkonen, Matti Jokiranta and Sirpa Kilpiäinen. Special thanks to Tommi for being patient with our 3D printing works.

Looking forward to continue the collaboration!

Best wishes,


Commercialising AI solutions for smarter living

AIDOMUS is a spin-off project from academic research at Tampere University. During the next year we’ll investigate the paths of commercialising novel architecture, automation and artificial intelligence based solutions for smarter living. The work is funded by Business Finland.

AIDOMUS will introduce an easy-to-use smart home solution for all apartments and users, focusing on service delivery for living. Our technology contributes, for example, to following domains: smart home solutions for housing developers and owners, indoor air control (heating and cooling), energy-savings, balancing the energy grid, e-commerce and in-home deliveries, and well-being and safety. Our values are based on driving the smart home industry towards truly useful solutions that provide a better living for all. Global challenges include urbanisation and climate change. This is what inspires our work. Smart living can make a huge difference not only to the quality of living but also to the climate impact. Annually over 60 million new housing units will be built and there are over 1.6 billion existing units that could benefit from the new technology, for example, through on-demand heating and cooling.

During the next year, we’ll meet up with a number of business leaders and present our work at international fairs. We investigate keenly the ecosystem benefiting from our technology. We’re happy to explore with your company how our technology can help your business as part of the ecosystem of smart living. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

Next few weeks we’re occupied with finalising the patenting process and preparing a pilot project. More news coming shortly!