AIDOMUS Last Mile solution shortlisted in Abu Dhabi for the UAE Cybersecurity Research Award on Smart Cities

The proposal ARROWSMITH was announced today as one of the 5 shortlisted proposals for the award of $1,500,000. AIDOMUS contributes to the proposal the use cases on smart cities, such as solving the Last Mile problem in the e-commerce and grocery retail. The award aims to foster disruptive and cybersecure solutions for the future smart cities in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

The ARROWSMITH focuses on novel cybersecurity approaches for people-oriented cities and services enabled through sensor data and machine learning. The ARROWSMITH proposal has been authored in collaboration with colleagues, professors Billy Brumley, Antonios Michalas, and Joni Kämäräinen from the Tampere University.

The UAE Cybersecurity Research Award Initiative is organised by Darkmatter. The winner of the award will be announced in May 2020. For more information