AIDOMUS pilot launched with VTS-kodit

AIDOMUS launches a pilot in collaboration with VTS-kodit at Ruokomäenkatu, Tampere, Finland. The site is a residential refurbishment project with several buildings, and one of the buildings will be equipped with the AIDOMUS technology having another building as a reference building. The pilot project focuses on using real-time occupancy data for on-demand based heating control.

Members of the design team getting ready for the site visit, Jyrki Läärä VTS Kiinteistöpalvelu Oy (left), Sami Ahoranta VTS Kiinteistöpalvelu Oy, Niko Salonoja Insinööritoimisto Salonoja Ky, and Vesa Yli-Marttila Teletaito Oy.

The pilot project demonstrates a way to combine comfortable and healthy indoor climate with energy-savings with a consequent impact on the mitigation of the climate change. The approach offers a practical way to make a difference in fighting the climate change with one’s way of living based on actual heating demand. Energy savings are a direct benefit of the technology, but also ways of using the occupancy data for other living services will be investigated.

Installations of the system are scheduled to take place late this spring and the pilot phase ends in May 2020.

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