IoT Forge helps innovations to happen

The most effective innovation policy is grass-root action. This is what the Finnish foundation IoT Forge takes into the practice with a hands-on approach. If your organisation strives for any IoT related innovation, IoT Forge is there to help you. The in-depth knowledge available in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and software is there for your company or start-up. Furthermore, there is a wide range of instruments rarely available for SMEs.

AIDOMUS is truly thankful for all the help of IoT Forge. Last but not least, it is a great pleasure to work with the wonderful people of IoT Forge: Matti Hellgren, Tommi Oksa, Juhani Kurkilahti, Vesa Tuomi, Jorma Liukkonen, Matti Jokiranta and Sirpa Kilpiäinen. Special thanks to Tommi for being patient with our 3D printing works.

Looking forward to continue the collaboration!

Best wishes,


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