Commercialising AI solutions for smarter living

AIDOMUS is a spin-off project from academic research at Tampere University. During the next year we’ll investigate the paths of commercialising novel architecture, automation and artificial intelligence based solutions for smarter living. The work is funded by Business Finland.

AIDOMUS will introduce an easy-to-use smart home solution for all apartments and users, focusing on service delivery for living. Our technology contributes, for example, to following domains: smart home solutions for housing developers and owners, indoor air control (heating and cooling), energy-savings, balancing the energy grid, e-commerce and in-home deliveries, and well-being and safety. Our values are based on driving the smart home industry towards truly useful solutions that provide a better living for all. Global challenges include urbanisation and climate change. This is what inspires our work. Smart living can make a huge difference not only to the quality of living but also to the climate impact. Annually over 60 million new housing units will be built and there are over 1.6 billion existing units that could benefit from the new technology, for example, through on-demand heating and cooling.

During the next year, we’ll meet up with a number of business leaders and present our work at international fairs. We investigate keenly the ecosystem benefiting from our technology. We’re happy to explore with your company how our technology can help your business as part of the ecosystem of smart living. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

Next few weeks we’re occupied with finalising the patenting process and preparing a pilot project. More news coming shortly!

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