Welcome at AIDOMUS – a R&D project taking architectural space and digital services to the next level with artificial intelligence and automation. The ease of use what we call “interfacelessness” is at the core of our work. Digital services and solutions for the built environment need to be people oriented, serving the people. We introduce, develop and consult technologies for enabling services for the users of the built environment. Services such as autonomous aerial logistics and mobility, saving energy effortlessly, comfortable and healthy indoor climate, security, and safe instant deliveries can be the new normal in everyday living in resilient cities. The new service technology and hardware solutions fight against the climate change. Less emissions, improved standard of living, for all.

AIDOMUS has achieved top results in occupancy-based energy savings in the housing sector

AIDOMUS has completed a pilot project in collaboration with Tampereen Vuokratalosäätiö sr, a leading rental housing foundation for affordable living in Finland.

The project resulted approximately 20% energy savings with the AIDOMUS technology. The AIDOMUS devices were installed in each apartment of the pilot building. The sensors of the system were integrated into a lighting fixture of the entrance rooms of the apartments. In commercial applications, the sensors may be parts of any smart home ecosystem supported with AIDOMUS detection and control algorithms. The energy consumption was measured both in the pilot building and in a similar reference building. In the pilot project, the AIDOMUS algorithms controlled the Micropelt MVA005 radiator thermostats based on the detected occupancy and the use of the apartments indicating the need for heating. The system is applicable to any actuator, including cooling. The pilot project resulted also automatically and individually adjusted lower night time temperatures for improved indoor air conditions for a better sleep. The system functions autonomously without having the users controlling it actively.

The project results offer promising outlook for commercialisation within the HVAC and smart home industry. Please contact for more information: 3A@tut.fi

Example on the temperature performance in the controlled and reference buildings during the pilot project.


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AIDOMUS –  AI based technology for living services


Technology for building ecosystems for smarter living

AIDOMUS creates digital understanding on the use of architectural spaces with AI for delivering a variety of services in apartments. Such understanding can be used for automated energy savings in heating and cooling and healthy indoor climate control based on occupancy and use of the space. Other services benefiting from the technology may include, for example, trustworthy in-home deliveries inside the home all the way to the fridge, security (fire and burglary), and independent living for the elderly. We address the problem of urbanising world with increased demand for sustainable housing and reduction of energy consumption while mitigating the climate change. At the same time, we increase the quality and attractiveness of urban living through technologies for services, such as smart logistics solving the Last Mile problem and mitigating the carbon spill also in the field of e-commerce logistics.


AIDOMUS was born out of academic research and multidisciplinary design studios. In 2014 professors and senior researchers from the fields of architecture, automation, and artificial intelligence initiated a data-driven design studio for sustainable design for the built environment. A couple of years later we had over 100 alumnae and a pool of ideas. We ended up with new technologies for understanding qualitative and quantitative data on cities and architectural spaces. The AI based technologies help us to save energy, deliver logistic solutions, provide security and well-being, and much more. This is how the journey of AIDOMUS got started. 


AIDOMUS Last Mile solution shortlisted in Abu Dhabi for the UAE Cybersecurity Research Award on Smart Cities

The proposal ARROWSMITH was announced today as one of the 5 shortlisted proposals for the award of $1,500,000. AIDOMUS contributes to the proposal the use cases on smart cities, such as solving the Last Mile problem in the e-commerce and grocery retail. The award aims to foster disruptive and cybersecure solutions for the future smart …

AIDOMUS in Creative Business Cup Finland 2019

Creative Business Cup Finland 2019 is a business concept competition for creative industries. AIDOMUS was selected today as one of the three finalists pitching their ideas. The event will be held in Helsinkinki at the Entertainment Business Arena event on the 24th of April. The winner will represent Finland the global finals in Copenhagen. AIDOMUS …

AIDOMUS pilot launched with VTS-kodit

AIDOMUS launches a pilot in collaboration with VTS-kodit at Ruokomäenkatu, Tampere, Finland. The site is a residential refurbishment project with several buildings, and one of the buildings will be equipped with the AIDOMUS technology having another building as a reference building. The pilot project focuses on using real-time occupancy data for on-demand based heating control. …